Vizsla Breed Information

Vizslas have primarily been bred for bird hunting, a skill in which they naturally excel. But they are also very loving and wonderful family dogs. The Vizsla is a spirited breed, marked with intelligence and a deep sense of awareness. They are very strongly connected with their caregivers and they are very loyal. Vizslas love to play, and are very affectionate. They are social dogs, and they need to be encouraged to socialize by taking them to parks, groups, and places where they have a chance to play with other animals. As active dogs they need lots of exercise and activities.

They are sensitive and need to be treated with lots of love, respect, and care, which they return tenfold. Caring, loving discipline, and training are essential in bringing out a Vizsla’ s highest potential.

I am sure you can see by our pictures that Vizslas are a handsome and attractive breed. Their natural attributes coupled with their attentive, ready-to-please disposition, make them wonderful companions, partners, and show dogs.

We Have New Puppies!

We have a new litter of puppies from Summit and Otto, whelped August 26th 2017.

Six (6) Boys and Two (2) Girls!

Contact us for more information.